About Mind Liberator

The digital world is rapidly becoming superior to the physical realm. As a consequence, we subject ourselves to a reality managed by others. Fortunately, the current volatility allows us to alter the course.

I help leaders to courageously take one step back and two steps forward. By reclaiming sovereignty in thinking, being and serving, together we build a new paradigm of peace, beauty and interdependence.

Mind Liberator is a movement that sparks this change by facilitating an inner revolution. Real change starts from within. As pioneers, we feel called to explore new ways of building businesses, relationships, and mutual trust. If you want to join its mission, reach out to us.

About me

My name is Bertil Schaart. Years ago, I had created an external life that was perfectly accepted and even lauded by my environment.

Fortunately for me, all those years, my inner voice never ceased talking. It was speaking louder and louder, until it shouted so loud that I was finally able to really open my eyes and look at myself.

My life, my work, it was all theater play. I was an actor with a script on the stage of my own life. I decided to take radical measures.

I learnt that I am entirely responsible for the happiness, success and meaning in my life. By quitting my job, I started a journey towards a complete new life.

It was very painful. I dared to say goodbye to a very comfortable life that my ego desperately tried to cling onto. I died a little on the inside. It also brought new life with a new mindset at the same time.

I believe most of our decisions are made because of existing doctrine. They therefore mostly result in limited incremental progress.  To truly have impact, decisions need to be taken from a transcending multidimensional perspective.

I help business leaders to navigate through complex situations and make the right decisions for their company and personal life: with both the mind and the heart.

About the logo

The logo depicts a Golden Eagle.
Native Americans honoured the Golden Eagle as to them they represented honesty, truth, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, power and freedom.

Mind Liberator