Path to Sovereignty

There has never in history been a better time for your inner revolution than now. Our world is an increasingly confusing place. Conflicting information. Diminishing freedoms. Mass surveillance.

Society is morally corrupt, and we know; we see it everywhere. But we have to survive, and to do that means we have to participate in it. And that is how we lose ourselves.

From Dutch author, entrepreneur, and visionary Bertil Schaart comes Path to Sovereignty, the story of how he shed his hollow life at a Fortune 500 company and set out on an intensive journey of self-discovery, finally coming out on the other side, sovereign in thinking, being, and serving the world. It’s a journey he’d like to take you on with him.

Delve deep into what you’ve always wanted, who you are, who you were meant to be, and throw off the shackles of living under others’ expectations. The conditions are ripe. The solution is inner revolution. The time is now. Are you ready?

Available as ebook in ePub and PDF format at a price you decide. If you prefer a print version, you can buy it directly from the publisher, who charges a fixed price. I will receive a percentage of that as royalties.

Pricing Policy

We live in a world where the total debt is much larger than the total money available. This means that the debt will never be able to be fully paid back. That in turn means that bankruptcies are inevitable.

So simply put, failure is an intrinsic part of the money system. It is a game of musical chairs: it needs winners and losers.

Once you win, it is much easier to keep winning, as banks are happy to give out loans because of previous success. If you lose, it is much much harder as banks are not very keen to give you a loan.  It is therefor not much of a surprise that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

This systemic scarcity triggers our survival instinct. It leads to behavior that is often damaging to the self, others and the environment.

There are many ideas, proposal and initiatives to change this system. I have decided to follow a similar pricing policy as the one implemented by Charles Eisenstein.

I am asking you to give a price upfront. If during or after, you decide you want to raise or lower your valuation, you can do so by contacting me. I will never ask for a reason, but am always keen to receive feedback to improve myself and my services.

This pricing policy runs counter to all I have learned in terms of profit maximization and most likely results in less income for me. I am very willing to take this 'risk'. Naively as I am, I hope it inspires to think about what kind of future we would like to build and our role as individuals to accomplish that. I also hope it will provide me with new insights, meaningful conversations and inspiring relationships.

If you would like to support me financially or otherwise, check out the Support page.  

How it works

The base unit price of the book is 1 euro. With the quantity field you can change the amount to increase or lower the price.

So if you value the book at 10 euros, you set the quantity to 10.

What price to set

What is a fair price?

Answering this question is already an invitation for introspection. You can regard it as a valuable exercise in liberating yourself from preconceived ideas about prices and self-worth.  

In order to come to a fair price for you, you could factor in various aspects, such as:
- how much do I value this product or service?
- how much can I afford to pay?
- what do similar services and products cost?
- do I see this as an investment in myself?
- how committed am I doing in the work involved?
- do I value this as a mere product or service or do I value it as (building) a relationship?
- do I support the overall initiative?

Have fun with it! Any number is fine for me. The only one judging your valuation is you.

If you find this exercise too difficult, you can still buy it directly at the publisher for a fixed price, for which I will receive a small percentage as royalties.